1. I was talking to my dad yesterday and he was like “are gifs still a thing, are they still cool” and I was like “father the website I spend my life on is run by gifs they are the most relevant and consistent thing in my life”

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    we have an unhealthy amount of fun when we’re together

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    has anyone ever finished a game of monopoly


    i now know why

    I did, it took 3 days and I won. HOTELS ARE KEY.

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    Ad Campaign by Amnesty International Switzerland

    Switzerland are always forward thinkers.

    this is one of the most humbling ad campaigns i’ve seen.

    This is amazing

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  6. Anonymous asked: one time me and my boyfriend were so blazed and we were like leTS FUCKIN DO THIS and after a while he started crying and just whispered 'your dick is twitching whats happening i think its dead' and then i fell off the bed and got concussed a little. moral of the story is dont do drugs or anal




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    for the rest of my life whenever i see this color i’ll be reminded of all the hours i wasted on the internet


    sorry that color is #2C4762

    Tumblrs is #2B4864

    image Actually, it’s coral blue #3


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    *mobile blogs in front of computer*

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    Don’t tell me that Gender Fluid is a lie.
    Don’t tell me that Gender Fluid is just a phase.
    Don’t tell me that Gender Fluid is childish.

    I live and breath my gender fluidity. I proudly stand within the Gender Queers in support of a new, gender variant society.

    Gender is the seed that has sprouted into the discriminatory, bigoted & bland society we live in. When you dig down deep into the issues surrounding the world right now it all comes back to one tiny little fuck up. The idea that biological sex somehow determines the gender roll of individuals is a lie. In fact, gender rolls is a lie. Just because I identify as gender fluid does not mean that I must uphold any societal expectation, associated with gender fluidity.

    Plain and simple, I plan on having two children.
    I will not teach my little boy to “be a man.”
    I will not teach my little girl what it means to “be a woman.”
    Instead, i’ll teach my children to just simply be good people.
    Because a society full of good people makes for a better life than a society full of classified, judgmental, opinionated and shallow people.

    Thank you,
    Elliott Alexzander

    This message brought to you by House of Alexzander

    I am actually blown away.

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    The original post is gaining at a rate of 1,000 notes in a minute

    Before you reblog, comment, or send an ask always check the blog.

    I do not want another person driven off of this site or get death threats because they were uneducated about a topic.

    bringing this back :)

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